The Cholesterol Lie Exposed

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Cholesterol Is Vital, Not Evil

The Great Cholesterol Lie, by Dr. Dwight Lundell exposes needless loss in human life from medicine continuing to chase the cholesterol theory of heart disease.

Truth emerges that science and medicine traipsed an endless, tortuous path for over 40 years by insisting elevated levels of cholesterol caused heart disease and heart attacks.

As we faithfully followed the American Heart Association, the National Cholesterol Education Program, The Food Pyramid and our doctors’ recommendations to eliminate saturated fat in favor of low-fat foods, heart disease responded with a mighty roar reaching epidemic proportions.

Statin Medications

Along with the demonization of saturated fats came cholesterol-lowering medications (statins). These drugs have been called “the most successful medicines in history” – but not for their success in curbing heart disease. In that regard, these drugs have been a royal flop.

Their “success” is for the manufacturers, who saw a staggering $33 billion dollars in sales worldwide last year.   Pfizer’s Lipitor alone earned $13.6 million.

A recent American Heart Journal Study tested the cholesterol of heart attack patients admitted to 500 hospitals.  The disturbing findings reveal:

  • 75% of those patients had LDL cholesterol levels below the current guidelines of the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) of 130 milligrams.
  • 50% had LDL-cholesterol levels below 100 milligrams.
  • 17% had LDL-cholesterol levels below 70 milligrams, which is the new, more stringent guidelines.

Cholesterol, A Vital Substance

This vital substance deemed evil is an essential component to all cell membranes.  It is a precursor to steroid hormones without which the body could not make estrogen, testosterone, and other vital hormones.  We cannot live without cholesterol.  The liver produces 80% of cholesterol with 20% coming by way of foods.

The human body manufacturers the cholesterol it requires. If you take in enough, this brilliant organism known as your body won’t produce anymore. When cholesterol levels are unnaturally tampered with, side effects from painful muscle cramping and cognitive dysfunction results.

Want to Heal Your Heart?

Get a C-Reactive Protein test to determine the level of inflammation in your body.  Then follow Dr. Lundell’s clinically tested recommendations to return inflammation to healthy levels.

It is neither complicated nor mysterious. The steps are extraordinarily simple with a few essential nutrients added, eliminate foods that cause inflammation and best of all, giving your body the foods taken away so long ago deemed evil.

Do you want the truth about statin medication and heart disease?  Is your physician insisting that you begin statin medication “preventatively.”

Then you need this book before you make that decision!  It is inflammation, not cholesterol, you need to bring under control and Dr. Lundell shows you how to do simply and effectively, without medication!

You are one step away from taking your health into your hands!  Go here now to learn more truth about heart disease.

10 responses to “The Cholesterol Lie Exposed”

  1. Miriam Shafer

    I was on statins when they came out. each one causing a different side effect, muscle cramps, stinging around my mouth, aching. I finally said No More. The leg cramping still comes back as does the stinging around my mouth occasionally. I am glad some one is finally exposing statins.

  2. Martha

    I tried to sign up for the newsletter and it kept saying I have already signed up. To my knowledge that is not the case. Mrs. Crosley

  3. MoulleyAssere

    Thank you championing details. It helped me in my assignment

  4. Vera Warren

    Hi. I was put on Lipitor 1 and a half years ago. After being on them approx. 3 months I gave them up as I did’nt feel right. I was subsequently diagnosed with Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease. I was very depressed and could not sleep. After being on Non Steroid Anti Inflamatory tablets for around 6 months I feel I am getting back to normal. I still have stiff feet and hands occasionally. I also have hight blood pressure which I never had. I am on Adalat 10mg once a day for this. I also have Raynauds. I am almost certain that it was Lipitor that caused my problems. I started Udos oil last December and am getting my bloods done again this week. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Bohdan Matwikow, Mgr.

    Thank You Mr. Doctor for true about cholesterol!
    I live in Czech Republic and 15 years I am interesting in low – carbohydrate diet. Today I know how a low – carbohydrate diet can may help protect you helth and how can cure various diseases.
    I arrange medical trips in mountains where patients eat less than 100 grams of carbohydrates per day and can treat the various deseases of civilization.
    Amount of protein in grams, kilograms equals the number of patient body weight. Fats are consumed according to the needs of power generation but at least the same amount as proteins.. Course of various deseases with menus adapted to the needs of the organism.
    The diet mainly use animal proteins and fats. Carbohydrates present in as much as possible with the lowest glikemic index. All patients have lavels of cholesterol and sugar in a standard and feels very good. They are also shedding excess pounds.
    Unfortunately, most doctors in this country adheres to the old teory of cholesterol and their patients in this direction lie. It is very sad, Therefore I have taken your views, which showed a little while for us on the internet.
    Thank you for once again thank you warmly and health.
    Yours Sincerely.
    Bohdan Matwikow, Mgr.

  6. Susan McCann

    I found this information to very good. My only question is.. Should a dr. force a patient to take Lipitor if there Cholesterol is perfect. The only problem is that the Lp-PLA2 is over 200 (ng/ml) and they have the KIF6 Gene? They said that it is 50/50 percent chance of heart disease. I would think that treating with a stain would cause even more problems. Also if the person has a hormone problem lowing the cholesterol would cause even more problems?
    I think there should be another way. Is this dr. covering his back against a law suit? Sound like he is covering his butt. Preventive medicine at what cost? Too many side effects for my taste.

  7. Judy

    Raynauds and other muscle separations are caused by Lipitor. There are lawsuits against the company over the muscle problems eventually causing death. Locate how the Rx now has to add more warnings, also how a muscle relaxant should not be used along with Lipitor, etc. My doc said to use it anyway, I had the cholesterol retested a month after quitting the chips I’d had around Easter time, and the levels were back to borderline with the new levels, but total overall ok. The Rx has a difficult time processing through the liver, so constant blood checks for liver damage. Doesn’t make sense to me. I will not use the RX no matter what.

  8. dr josefu deyama

    I am a surgeon who retired a few years back because my heart doctor told me i likely dont have long to live with my cholesterol being over 400 (all parameters bad)….that was 15 years ago!!…that was 15 years ago when i was 39 years old….after travelling over 140countries, antarctica and flying to space with the russian airforce..and helping 1000s of orphans with aids around the world….im still alive and well,,, without any statins or medicines or life changes other than quitting being a surgeon …..I may be living proof of what dr. lundell is saying!!…dr. josefu

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